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With over thirty years of experience, L.B. Foster’s Allegheny Rail Products designs, manufacturers and supplies state-of-the-art insulated rail joints and associated products for domestic and international railway applications including polyencapsulated insulated TOUGHCOAT® joints, bonded insulated joint plug assemblies and bonded insulated joint kits. We have also introduced ENDURA-JOINT®, an ultra long life aramid insulated joint.

In addition to complete joint assemblies (epoxy bonded joint plugs) which are assembled in our shops, we also offer TOUGHCOAT kits and bonded insulated joint kits that are designed to be installed in the field.

Accessories are also available for your insulated joint needs. Polyurethane insulated joint tie plates are available in various sizes for different sections of rail. Insulated tie plates are designed to support insulated joints without compromising their high electrical resistance and are available in solid polyurethane or polyurethane coated steel.

We manufacture our products in compliance with the latest AREMA specifications and those of the respective freight railroads and transit systems. Our strategic locations in Niles, OH and Pueblo, CO are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Bonded Insulated Joints

Factory Assembled:

  • Epoxy bonded with high integrity TEMPRANGE® II epoxy for long life

  • Full-contact, micro alloy joint bar

  • Assembled to specified length, up to 60' long

  • Available in worn rail/transition rail configurations

  • Assembled with A-490 bolts or huck pins (6 or 8)

  • Ultra long life ENDURA-JOINT® with Aramid insulation also available

Bonded Insulated Joint Kits:

  • Long life, high performance - available as insulated or non-insulated (bonded standard) with 4, 6 or 8 hole configurations

  • Furnished complete with pre-measured epoxy, solvents, bolts, nuts, insulated bars and end post

  • Available in bulk packaging

  • Available for most rail sections (AREMA, UIC, etc.)

  • High toe clearance designs can be furnished

TOUGHCOAT® Insulated Joints

Superior Insulated Joint for Non-Bonded Applications:

  • Micro alloy steel core

  • High performance polyurethane coating

  • Unaffected by temperature, sunlight, moisture or lubricants

  • Large wheel flange clearance

  • Available in toeless designs

  • Manufactured to AREMA and customer specifications

  • Available for most rail sections (AREMA, UIC, etc.)

  • TOUGHCOAT poly plates also available

Insulated Tie Plates

Three Tie Plate:

  • Provides continuous support

  • Ideal for high stress, high impact environments

  • Permanently coated rail seat

  • Vibration resistant, positive clamping, two-bolt rail clips

Single Tie Plate:

  • Ideal for special trackwork applications

  • Insulated rail seat for supported joints

  • Two bolt rail clips included

  • Canted and uncanted options

TOUGHCOAT® Poly Plate:

  • Solid polyurethane

  • Double shoulder

Tracksure Bolts

Tracksure Bolts Locking Device

Tracksure’s locking device prevents unintentional nut loosening and offers significant operation and cost benefits. Its design not only provides a fail-safe system that ensures a tight grip, but it also reduces the opportunity for human error.

The product is simple and effective, resisting vibration loosening and settlement. In the event that the original nut starts to loosen, the Tracksure locking nut tightens against it underneath the stainless cover.

The product can be re-used and serviced as necessary, and require no special tools or equipment.


  • Provides safer operating conditions by reducing bolt fatigue.

  • Can be installed without the need for expensive capital equipment.

  • Offers significant cost savings in maintenance-intensive applications.

  • Reduces maintenance significantly and can be replaced quickly and simply where necessary.

Tracksure Kits Include:

  • A modified bolt with a reverse thread added to the end which accommodates both the original nut and the Tracksure locking nut.

  • A right-handed, heavy head nut.

  • A Tracksure locking nut with a left-handed thread.

  • A serrated steel locking cap then pushes down over both the original nut and the Tracksure nut, held in place with a spring clip.

Tracksure’s products have been extensively tested and approved by many rail infrastructure companies throughout the world, as well as independently tested. Tracksure bolts have had successful tests in North America at major transit agencies and are used by Class I railroads. They are also in use with the transit systems in the UK, and Germany, as well in Australia, Holland, Italy and Hungary. They are suitable for any bolted joint which suffers from vibration loosening and/or settlement.



  • High shear strength epoxy specially formulated for heavy railroad loads and environments

  • For use in insulated joint and trackwork assembly

Broken Bolt Replacement Kits:

  • Easy replacement of broken or missing bolts

  • For use in bonded insulated joints

  • Complete with installation instructions, bolt, nut, insulating bushing and silicon sealer

  • Sized to slide easily through original bushings

Bulldog Bars:

  • Protects rails with detected rail flaw or weld failure

  • Easy to install

  • Maintains rail alignment

  • High wheel clearance for worn rail

  • Re-usable

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